Paul Moleta | songwriter & vocalist for band Inseek

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It’s the end of May 2011 and with a commitment to pay it forward, I decided to turn the page, follow a calling that would turn my life around forever………..Hi everyone my name is Paul Moleta and I would like to share with you all this amazing musical Journey.


1977 to this present day………………………

Music being one of the most magnificent and delightful gifts God has given to us all, ignites a flame around the late 90s through the early 2000s  giving Paul a way to express emotion thoughts and feelings through songwriting, singing and guitar.


It wasn’t untill 2011 that Paul began to deliver his songwriting on studio recordings leaving him marked with an idiosyncratic style of original tracks that can be heard through a diverse style stretching from fast paced rock (pop) tunes to acoustic heart touching melodies.


2016 and the music scene begins to witness the birth of an original Rock Band INSEEK. The group consists of  Songwriter/Vocalist Paul Moleta and Composer/Guitartist Jose Sierra, both committed with musical endeavours supporting special causes and less fortunate communities.


Throughout the Journey, Paul has fulfilled some amazing Milestones that surely will continue as the years go by !


2012-2015 co founder of alternative rock band Mokoan. 


2014  Paul reaches out to his local community organising a Fundraising event for the The Steven Walter Childrens Cancer Foundation dedicating Mokoan’s first EP titled “The Story Begins” to the foundation. With the joining of local and interstate singer songwriters & Poets, a very sucessful amount was raised for the Foundation donating 100% of all proceeds. All Tracks featured on the EP were written by Paul Moleta.


2015  Don’t Let It Go”(P.Moleta)  features on Triple M’s 2015 Australia Day Promo “The Big Day In” (australia’s mainstream radio station) 26th January 2015.



2016 to this current day  Paul Moleta and Jose Sierra found Rock Band INSEEK, recording new material and together performing live increasing their followers and strengthening a platform of commitment.





PRESS RELEASE (Emergenza Fest April 2014):Megan Cipollini

Today’s Classic Power Pop Rock & Power Ballard’s: Rock band Mokoan mixes influences from the to 80’s to today’s power pop rock to get their own unique brand of rock and roll, an eclectic mix of sounds to the 21st century—that inform their original music, but the one common denominator is rock and roll.

Checkout song “Don’t Let It Go” to get an idea of what we’re talking about. Feedback and Ramones style distorted power chords starts this song off before it breaks into a high on the neck power pop riff. Then the fast-paced, positive feeling melody— of original tunes “One Way Destination” brings in a pop punk vibe in the distorted guitar riff and an understated vocal delivery, which helps the song build up slowly until it all opens up in the chorus with huge guitar and synth sounds and a singer who just wails—it’s clear that Mokoan performs every single one of his songs with heart and soul……………Megan Cipollini.

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