They say that music is the language of the soul, and nothing could be truer for this Singer-songwriter.

Born Paolo Moleta aka Inseek is an Australian born songwriter, guitarist and vocalist, shaping a unique and distinct blend of accessible original music with a truly broad appeal.

​Inseek’s music roars not only catchy hooks and melodies but crafts an alternative pop rock sound delivered with great emphasis on professional songwriting and studio recording.

​Of deep inspiration and an authentic feel, the transference of emotion by Inseek is driven with absolute passion, heart and soul in every song written.

2018/19 With a leap of faith Inseek sets out to share his music on an international scale recording at Windmill Lane Studio/The Mill Studio with producer Ger McDonnell, holding credits working with U2, Def Leppard, Kasabian.

INSEEK’s singles Hypnotized and Waiting for love kick-start 2019 for a widespread acclaim.


2011-2015 Founded band Mokoan being the bands lead vocalist and songwriter.

2013  One Way Destination charts #1 on N1M

2014  Burning Flame charts #1 on N1M

2014 Paul along with Band Mokoan support The Steven Walter Children’s Cancer Foundation.

Organising a fundraising event, the boys launch their  EP“The Story Begins” donating all proceeds from the evening toward the foundation. The event was proudly supported by local and interstate acts, family, friends, sponsors and local community. The event was held at The Epping Hotel Vic.

 Participates in voluntary perfromances for The Relay for lifeevents to this current day.

26th Janauray 2015 “DON’T LET IT GO” features on Triple M’s Australia Day Promo “The Big Day In”

2015  Don’t Let It Go charts #1 on N1M

2016  Hear Them Cry charts #1 on N1M

2017 Independant Ireland/UK tour 

2018 Supported by sponsors INSEEK aimed to reach and support music, arts, horticultural and connecting culture through music. The campaign was launched through the ACF(Creative Partnerships Australia)

2019 Hypnotized & Waiting For Love chart #1 on N1M in both singer-songwriter & alternative rock genre. Inseek charts #1 genre singer-songwriter on N1M in Australia


Where does the name INSEEK come from?

INSEEK was given as a nickname by a long time friend Joe Rambaldi.

PRESS RELEASE (Emergenza Fest April 2014):Megan Cipollini

Today’s Classic Power Pop Rock & Power Ballard’s: Rock band Mokoan mixes influences from the to 80’s to today’s power pop rock to get their own unique brand of rock and roll, an eclectic mix of sounds to the 21st century—that inform their original music, but the one common denominator is rock and roll.

Checkout song “Don’t Let It Go” to get an idea of what we’re talking about. Feedback and Ramones style distorted power chords starts this song off before it breaks into a high on the neck power pop riff. Then the fast-paced, positive feeling melody— of original tunes “One Way Destination” brings in a pop punk vibe in the distorted guitar riff and an understated vocal delivery, which helps the song build up slowly until it all opens up in the chorus with huge guitar and synth sounds and a singer who just wails—it’s clear that Mokoan performs every single one of his songs with heart and soul……………Megan Cipollini.

                  For more information visit http://www.inseekmusic.com





1.    Our direct licensing guidelines

1.1. These are the direct licensing guidelines of Paolo Moleta (Inseek).

At present we do not have the capacity to directly license any of our sound recordings or music videos for public performance or transmission.

1.2. Given the legal and administrative costs involved with direct licensing we are unable to offer direct licenses at competitive rates for public performance or transmission.

We will review our position every 12 months to consider whether the size and skill base of our organization enables us to engage in direct licensing.

1.3. In the meantime, if you require a license for the public performance or transmission of one of our sound recordings or music videos you should contact the Phonographic Performance Company of Australia (PPCA) at www.ppca.com.au or call (02) 8569 1111.

1.4. If you wish to provide any feedback or comments on our direct licensing policy, please emailcontact@inseekband.com


Don’t forget to contact APRA AMCOS to see if you also require a license from them for the use of the musical works and lyrics. See www.apra.com.au or call APRA AMCOS on 1300 852 388 to find out more.





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